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Hey Anglers! We're thrilled to share one of our latest custom projects with you! Our team at F.A.F Customz has recently completed a stunning set of bespoke fishing reels, and we couldn't be more proud of the results. 

1. *Sophisticated Aesthetic:* We transformed the main bodies, rear caps with fin, handle screws, rotors (including covers) and drag knobs with a sleek metallic black complemented by a matt finish. This combination gives a professional and sophisticated look to the reels. All external body screws, bailarms, oil port screws and X-ship badges were matt blacked to create that look of class.


2. *Functional Elegance:* The handle collar and handle spigot were coated in our matt black. With a rosewood handle knob finished in matt enhancing both the appearance and durability of these crucial components.


3. *Bespoke Spools:* The spools received a unique coating, featuring a striking metallic finish with a matt black spool lip. This same meticulous finish was applied to the main handle shaft, ensuring a cohesive and stunning design.


4. *Gold Accents:* To add a touch of luxury, we incorporated gold line clips and rebuilt all decals in gold. These details creating a beautiful contrast against the matt black, making these reels not only functional but undeniably elegant.
*Thank You!*
A huge thank you to our customer for trusting us with this project. It's always a pleasure to bring someone’s vision to life and create something truly unique.


If you're interested in your own custom fishing reel, don't hesitate to reach out. Let’s make your fishing gear as unique as your adventures.

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