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Tungsten putty 25g

Tungsten putty 25g


Introducing F.A.F Customz Tungsten Putty, the ultimate solution for fine-tuning your rig's weight distribution and sinking speed with precision and ease. Available in three versatile colours - Silt Black, Weedy Green, and Gravel Brown - this tungsten putty is a must-have for any angler looking to customize their setup for various fishing conditions.


Crafted with premium quality tungsten, F.A.F Customz Tungsten Putty offers superior density and malleability, allowing you to easily mold and shape it to achieve the perfect balance for your bait presentation. Whether you need to add weight to your hook for long-distance casting, adjust the buoyancy of your rig, or fine-tune the sinking speed of your lure, this putty provides a versatile solution that doesn't compromise on performance.


Say goodbye to cumbersome split shots and clunky weights - F.A.F Customz Tungsten Putty discreetly blends in with your bait, providing a seamless and natural presentation that won't spook even the most cautious fish. Its non-toxic composition ensures peace of mind while fishing, making it safe for both you and the environment.


Elevate your fishing game with F.A.F Customz Tungsten Putty and experience the difference that precision weight customization can make in landing your next big catch. Upgrade your angling arsenal today with this innovative and versatile product.

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