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𝗗𝗮𝗶𝘄𝗮 Emblem-Z 4500 & 5500

* ᴿᵉᶠᵘʳᵇ *

These came into the shop in a very sorry state. Understanding considering their age (Obviously well used).
Team meeting was called with a cup of tea.
We decided that just stripping and repainting the bodies wasn't going to be enough.  Every part of the reels would need the #faftreatment.  After another cup of tea we got to work.

- Bodies and rotors stripped and painted including all decals being replaced.
- Rotor covers painted plus decal rebuild.
- Cheeks stripped and repainted.
- Bail arms painted with decals replaced.
- Spool wraps replaced.
- Line clips replaced with our own custom made high impact line clips.  Finished off with red/white dots.
- Clutch upgraded to Carbon.
- Spool caps converted to quick drag.
- Handle screw painted grey.
- Handles were completely stripped.  Handle knuckle coated in grey to match handle screw.  Main part of handle painted to match the reel bodies.  Finished off with a decal rebuild.
- Service is normal procedure when painting reel bodies. Reels get completely stripped as part of our painting process.  

All bearings and internal components were checked and replaced where needed.


Reels now looking very nice indeed. 

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